That woman stays young.

They failed the exam.

Why do you think that I would do something like that?

It is a six hours' drive from Sofia to Varna.


I'm troubled by split ends.

Show me yours!

She was a Smith before she got married.


Where the drink goes in, there the wit goes out.

"May I take this umbrella?" "No, you may not."

I couldn't keep Miki away.

No matter what you say, I did see the man.

There may be somebody in the next room.

Piet has lost his mind.

Aaron says he won't vote.

Where's my grandfather?

The roof is shining in the sun.

I definitely said that.

The police arrested Granville this afternoon.

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Drop the gun.


You should apologize for your rudeness.


He is living in an apartment at present.

Chip had difficulty convincing Val to go the dance with him.

There's nothing you can do for Vicky.

Please, Dirk, you can't break up with me!

Why should I be afraid of you?

Ted likes playing the trumpet.

Do you believe this?


Let's think about that for a minute.

The police broke up the fight.

Dinner will be included.

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I may need a lawyer.

What makes it so plausible to assume that hypocrisy is the vice of vices is that integrity can indeed exist under the cover of all other vices except this one. Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.

We'll go to any length to send our child to a good university.

That child wants someone to play with.

The bus will take time.

Would you care for some more cake?

Up to that time he had been staying with his uncle.

If it's an infection, you might need antibiotics.

I hope Claudio knows how lucky he is.

There is a spoon here.

What a gorgeous coat you're wearing!

"Kiss me!" "What, really? Didn't you say no kissing?"

I'm accustomed to sleeping in a room without air conditioning.


We're all sick of this.

Please don't make me go with Tanaka.

Everybody put their foot down.


I'm afraid there isn't much time.

Do you love it?

I want to spend some time with my daughter.


It was probably my fault.


We need information.

Did you go to any famous gardens?

We arranged the books according to size.


This time I will try it.


I didn't have the courage to tell her the fact.

Salt is used to melt snow.

I didn't know that dogs swim well.

How did the car accident come about?

Scientists think that about 100 million comets orbit the Sun.

We crossed the waters in a boat.

That's not good at all.

I was sitting next to him.

You need to make this work.


Tell Ranjit that we're not going to help him.

You never tell me that you love me.

Del is a chemistry professor.

You mustn't depend on others for help.

My dad bought a model plane for me for Christmas.


The effort paid off.

They ate and they drank.

My sister showers every morning.


That's not what I was talking about.

We were there.

Badgers dig deep holes.

You shouldn't have killed them.

Daniel was glad that Lowell understood what he was trying to say.

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We've done all we can here.

Roxana appealed to us for help.

This morning at the station, her attention was caught by a poster with bold letters.

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It looks strange.

He is lying on the bench.

A great number of students battled for freedom of speech.


Wait five minutes, please.

"Look what I just bought." "What is it?"

Boyce tried to catch the chicken.

All the members were present at the meeting.

I guess everything's back to normal.


Actions, not words.

I've already been filled in on what happened while I was gone.

Eileen couldn't go on the hike because he wasn't feeling well.


His arm brushed against mine.

Yesterday, there were three good films at the same time on the TV. And I saw none of them.

I used to think that was true.


Would you like to eat some pudding?


It is possible that he will come to our party.

No one gave him a good chance.

I knew you would get it.

Let's just go find him.

Nobody can do this better than Magnus.


Bush never violated the Geneva Convention.

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I'm a special person? Thanks. ;)

Am I allowed to ask how you feel?

I think Lenora is shy.

We're losing.

I won't take this any longer.

I tried to help you.

I'm angry!

I admire his wit.

I went to bed very late.

I still make mistakes.

I'm on vacation.

The idea of camping has never appealed to me.

I rescued the cat.

I'm not easygoing.

I enjoyed working with him.


Ronni slumped on the couch.

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You should seek a teacher and learn the method of spiritual practice that is best for you.

Now that we know that Eli is alive, what's next?

I wish everybody liked me.

I came at Raphael's request.

I'm unlucky.

He will soon be a father.

I need to change my tires.

Production improves by becoming more automatic.

In the collision with a Volvo, our car naturally got the worst of it.

The shop was pretty empty.

Try reading this.


I'm not paying for this.

"What does this have to do with me wanting to get my hair cut?" "They have hair in London?"

I don't like what's going on.


There must be something in the box.

There lived an old couple in the woods.

I bought the same toaster that Vince bought.

Rivulets of rainwater ran down the roof.

I am ashamed of having been rude to her.


You'll have to come with me.

In the modern age, humans are detached.

I don't think I can walk any faster.

As soon as he returns, I will tell you.

They continued to push south.


Siping is rather shy, isn't he?

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Where's the Polish embassy?


It was extremely weird.

She needed some money to buy something to feed her dog.

She looked back on her childhood.

It is true that he is ill.

I saw Kelly's file.


Let not the king say so!

No one ever notices second place. Either you're a winner or you're nobody.

He did the work for himself.


Antonella bent over and picked the coin up.

This dog barks a lot.

Immigration is restricted.

She is a chatterbox.

I want to buy this house as much as you do.

Whether he agrees or not, we won't change our plans.

We walked to the river.


I told you not to move.


Barbara has young children.


The baby cried for milk.


Izumi is not good at hiding his emotions.